Monday, 15 April, 2024

45th STF AGM 2022 Announcement

Singapore Taekwondo Federation is pleased to announce that the 45th AGM was held on Saturday, 24 September 2022 at 2.00PM with 4 Board members elected by 63 out of 82 voting members. The 4 Board members are

  • Mr Philip Choo
  • Mr Chow Pak Hoong, Robin
  • Mr Tan Cheng Hui (re-elected)
  • Mr Wong Zhen Kang

They join Mr Koh Choon Seng, David, Mr Lai Han Seng, Mr Lee Thiam Poh, Andy, Mr Johnny Lim Peng Siah and Mr Lee Yew Jin, Sebastian to form the new Board. We are also pleased to announce the appointment of Office Bearers of the Federation as follows.

President – Mr Philip Choo

Deputy President – Mr Koh Choon Seng, David

1st Vice President – Mr Lee Yew Jin, Sebastian

Secretary General – Mr Lai Han Seng

Assistant Secretary General – Mr Wong Zhen Kang

Treasurer – Mr Johnny Lim Peng Siah

Assistant Treasurer – Mr Lee Thiam Poh, Andy

Member – Mr Chow Pak Hoong, Robin

Member – Mr Tan Cheng Hui

The Board would like to thank all our Affiliates and Authorised Delegate Representatives for your strong support of the 45th AGM. The Board looks forward to the continuous trust and support from the Taekwondo community, Interim Management Committee, Singapore National Olympic Council and Sport Singapore as we chart the path forward to a brighter and stronger STF

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