Saturday, 2 December, 2023

A Gathering with a Difference

13 February 2014 saw a congregation of people who had common interest at the National Training Centre. Their interest was taekwondo. But there was no competition on that day. It was a day for members and their families to let their hair down and have fun.

The event: STF Annual Chinese New Year Party.

Although taekwondo should be furthest from their mind, the participants’ conversation invariably led to topics related to the sport. Mr Milan Kwee, in his welcoming speech, could not help but took the opportunity to congratulate the medal winners in the recently concluded Asian Cities Gold Cup Tournament.

It was not possible not to talk about taekwondo after a scintillating performance coordinated by the Demonstration Chairman, Mr Daniel Kim.

Mr Johnny Ang, the oldest member of TEAMgOLD, was so thrilled by the demonstration that he told everyone who wanted to listen that he was blown away despite having watched many performances in his lifetime.

All the participants enjoyed the evening socializing. The younger ones have a great time playing games organized by senior members of the national squad.

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