Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Achievement Award for Charlotte

Charlotte Tang, a member of the national squad, was recognised for her accomplishments in taekwondo by her school, Hai Sing Catholic, when she received the CCA Achievement Award from the Principal, Mr Charles Surin, on 7 August 2007.

It was an achievement for Charlotte by any count as she was with the school for only 7 months. Despite the relatively short period, she had brought honour

to the school by clinching numerous medals including the following.-  Malaysia Open (Bronze)
–  National Poomsae Championships (Gold & Silver)
–  People Association-STF Championships (Gold)
–  Maris Stella High Hwarang Championships (Gold)

What’s more, she was able to balance her studies and sport resulting in her doing well in both.

Said Ms Wong Liang Ming, the national coach: “Charlotte is certainly a deserving recipient of the award. She excels in the sport and also demonstrates a champion mindset in training and in competition. Any school should be proud of her achievements.

“I am glad that Hai Sing Catholic gave her the due recognition.” 

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