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Assisi Hospice Starts Taekwondo

Children with cancer under the care of the Assisi Hospice had their first taekwondo lesson under Mr Milan Kwee and Mr Lim Teong Chin on 9 November 2006.  Their faces lighted up when they donned their ‘dobok’.  Each movement taught was delivered with gusto.  And the instructors were simply proud of them. 

The taekwondo programme was introduced as a result of a request to the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF), the national sports association for the sport, from Ms Geraldine Lee, the Public Affairs & Volunteer Program Manager of the Hospice.  It is conducted once a week, at first, at the premises of Assisi Hopice.  Owing to space constraint at the Hospice, it was decided to move the training to the STF National Training Centre.

Said Ms Lee: “I believe the training will boost their confidence and make them mentally stronger to face their illness.”

Wanting to make a positive difference in the children’s journey with cancer, the STF Management not only approved the programme but also sponsored it in full.  What’s more, many of its coaches came forth to volunteer their services in the spirit of taekwondo.

Mr Kwee and Mr Lim decided to take responsibility for the programme.  They drew up the training plan which included a warrior’s ritual to help strengthen the participants mentally.

After four training sessions with the participants, Mr Kwee and Mr Lim were delighted with the progress. The enthusiasm displayed by the trainees was awesome.

Mr Kwee added: “We are glad to be given the opportunity to share our knowledge and make a positive difference in their lives.”

Assisi Hospice is a registered Charity and provides an integrated palliative care programme of In-Patient Care, Home Care and Day Centre Care for adults and children with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

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