Sunday, 16 June, 2024

Athletes Commission Chairman Appointment Announcement

Singapore Taekwondo Federation is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Poh Tze Chap, Lawren as the first Athletes Commission Chairman following the successful completion of the Athletes Commission (“AC”) Chairman election held on Saturday, 7 November 2020.

The Board congratulates and welcomes Mr Poh Tze Chap, Lawren as the first Athletes Commission Chairman to the STF board.

The Board would also like to record our appreciation to Ms Evonne Kua for stepping forward in vying with Mr Poh for the Athletes Commission Chairman appointment. It reflected the desire of our younger generation athletes who are passionate and want to contribute to our mission for the sport in Singapore.

This inaugural AC Chairman election bodes well for the future of Taekwondo in Singapore in that the Commission henceforth provides a platform and process for the Federation to promote an open communication with the athletes.

The AC Chairman shall be appointed as a Board member with full voting rights. He will therefore play pivotal role in looking after the interest of our athlete community and sharing the athletes’ voices with the Board so that, together we can build and co-create a better, stronger Singapore Taekwondo Federation.

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