Tuesday, 23 July, 2024

Be Better

Michael Josephson said: “Character is revealed by how you behave when you think you won’t get caught.”

This wise saying is something for all of us, taekwondo members, to remember if we value our character. And we believe that we all do. After all, as Woodrow Wilson put it: “If you lose your wealth, you have lost nothing. If you lose your health, you have lost something. But if you lose your character, you have lost everything.”

By now, you may be wondering if a growing number of our members have conducted themselves in a manner less than desirable. The good news is: NO. The Singapore Taekwondo Federation is proud to note that the discipline of its members has improved over the years.

However, the STF wants everyone to be better by occasionally sharing outstanding behavior that should be emulated.

Melvin Low, a qualified coach and national referee, does not believe in hiding behind the cloak of anonymity when he provides feedback to the STF. He writes honestly from the heart in palatable language what has gone wrong and what needs improvements. Most importantly, he is also receptive to reasonable explanations.

In a recent email to the STF, he said: “I have a lot of feedback over what can be improved. But, sometimes, I am afraid to say it because I am worried that I may seem stupid or may be highlighting trivial matters.”

We respect him for thinking through what he has in mind rather than sending anonymous email in language used by riffraff.

Remember, taekwondo is for good people who wish to be better and bad people who want to be good. Taekwondo is not for bad people with a strong desire to remain bad.

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