Wednesday, 24 July, 2024

Dive into the Digital Arena with Virtual Taekwondo!

The Virtual Taekwondo (VTKD) Committee conducted an exciting try-out at the recent National School Games (NSG). A number of NSG participants and coaches eagerly stepped forward to experience the thrill of Virtual Taekwondo, marking a new chapter in the sport’s evolution.

The VTKD committee also organised a comprehensive workshop to train Game Masters and Technical Support Personnels to initiate the sport pathway development for Virtual Taekwondo. Over two days, on the 15th and 16th of May 2024, close to 20 participants were immersed in the world of Virtual Taekwondo.

The workshop participants were introduced to the Virtual Taekwondo system, the gameplay, and the competition format and setup. But it wasn’t all theory, they also had a hands-on session where they experienced gameplay on the system.

Mr Kelvin Lim, one of the participants shared his experience, saying, “The workshop was an eye-opening experience. It was fascinating to learn about the system and the gameplay. The hands-on session was the highlight for me – it was exhilarating to actually play the game with my whole body being engaged when competing.”

“The Virtual Taekwondo system is a pioneering evolution in our sport, blending the physical and digital worlds seamlessly in a way that enhances both participation and excitement. This try-out at the NSG demonstrated the incredible potential of Virtual Taekwondo to engage a new generation of athletes and fans. The hands-on experience truly highlighted the immersive nature of this innovation. It is an exciting time for Taekwondo, and I believe this digital integration will significantly broaden the sport’s appeal and accessibility to people across age, gender and abilities.” (Mr Ng Keng Boon, workshop trainer and member of VTKD Committee)

Virtual Taekwondo is more than just a game – it’s a revolution in the sport. It brings anew level of engagement and inclusivity that we have never seen before. So, are you ready to step into the digital arena?

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