Monday, 27 May, 2024

Donations for Tan Ching Teck

Tan Ching Teck, a senior taekwondo member, examiner and instructor, met with a serious road accident more than a week ago. He has been fighting for his life since his admission to the Intensive Care Unit of the Singapore General Hospital.

The fateful and unfortunate event has taken a heavy toll, emotionally and financially, on his family. Ching Teck’s only son, Tan Kheng Juan, who is also a taekwondo member and instructor, is finding the situation overwhelming. He is trying very hard to be strong for the family.

During this challenging time for Ching Teck and his family, we would like to appeal to all members of the taekwondo fraternity to rally round to help them.

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation is passing the hat around. If you wish to contribute to help the family defray the mounting medical bill, you may do so through the Secretariat.

If you require more clarification, please contact Jolene, Theresa or Rosalind at 63451491.

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