Sunday, 16 June, 2024

Don’t Be Fooled

Going to a club with participants wearing uniform with ‘Singapore Taekwondo Federation’ (STF) does not mean that you are a member of a club recognized by the STF.

One parent found out the truth when his son joined an STF-affiliated club.

In his letter to the STF, he wrote: “At every training session, they would put on their ‘gi’ (uniform in Japanese) with the Singapore Taekwondo Federation printed on the back.”

He also wrote: “Based on his credentials (7th dan), I had no reason to believe that he is not a bona fide TKD exponent. My wish is that the STF will recognize xxx’s brown belt status in taekwondo.”

The STF feels sorry for the boy and his parent. Is it there fault or is it not their fault?

Whatever it is, please check the status of the club or instructor carefully before you join. Know what you are in for. And don’t be fooled!

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