Monday, 27 May, 2024

Former Examiner Suspended

Mr Tan Kok Seng, former Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) examiner, has been suspended for 3 years from participating in all activities organized or sanctioned by the STF with effect from 29 October 2014.

The decision to suspend Mr Tan was made after the Management Committee deliberated on the findings and recommendations of the Board of Inquiry and unanimously agreed that he had committed professional misconduct during the 2014 National Championships by

–  instructing his player in an agitated and aggressive manner,
– entering the arena without the permission of the referee,
– calling for medical assistance to be given to his player in the ring without due regard for the referee’s decision and
–  showing displeasure openly when advised by the Chief Referee to calm down.

Furthermore, Mr Tan did not show any remorse for his act during the inquiry. The other aggravating factor was his seniority which made his behavior inexcusable.

Mr Tan, who had recently completed a three month suspension for breaching the uniform code, would be allowed to continue coaching at his club but would be barred from any involvement in STF organized or sanctioned events.

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