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Hiring of General Manager / Admin Manager

Position Summary

Reporting to the Singapore Taekwondo Federation Board, the General Manager/ Admin Manager will be responsible to devise strategies to diversify revenue streams, promote the sports agency to attract sponsors and take on a proactive role to raise and develop the organisation’s profile and prominence within the sports industry. The incumbent will also be the key liaison person for International collaborations for the sport and be responsible for the management of the organisation’s financials, and day to day running of the operation, encompassing, sports personnel, human resources etc. The role includes but is not limited to the following:

Job TitleGeneral Manager / Admin Manager
Reports toThe STF Board
Job responsibilityKEY ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Managing the administrative matters of the office. Managing the financial of the STF Manage all governance matters of the STF   Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC), Interim Management Committee (IMC) & Sport Singapore (Sport SG)   Provide a direct link between the agency, IMC, SNOC, SportSG and other agencies such as ROS, COS etc. Prepare the Multi Year Sports Plan in accordance with the requirements of the Sport SG, as and where it is required. Ensure that all operations and procedures conform to the prevailing regulations, policies and guidelines issued by the Sport SG from time to time. Work with the STF Board to establish sound governance and accountabilities systems and processes. To indicate desired outcomes for the position during the period of contract. (i.e. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be quantified and to specify the time frame for achieving the targets accordingly). This is to be done six months after the commencement of employment. To help the association in achieving agreed upon KPIs by the NSA and Sport SG To submit quarterly reports to Sport SG and the agency on progress made in the specified areas of responsibilities. Responsible for the timely submission of reports and quality business information to Sport SG.   Business Development / Sponsorship Development   Devise strategies to diversify revenue streams. Devise strategies to attract more sponsors.   Public Relations   Oversee the preparation of all press releases and ensure that the releases are sent out at appropriate times for all activities. Act as the spokesperson for STF with the Press, in consultation with STF President. Proof and edit all official documents and written communication to ensure that they fulfil both the needs of STF and Sponsors. Oversee the production and distribution of information at the STF website. Coordinate the production and distribution of the Annual Calendar of Events. Ensure that the website is regularly updated and monitored. To liaise with Key Stakeholders.   Sports Development   To work closely with the sub-committees Chairpersons to develop the sport.   International Affairs   To monitor and enforce all related sport requirements and as a key liaison to establish links and collaboration with other countries to further the sport. To collaborate and maintain good relationship with the International Federation & Asian Federation to develop the sport locally and regionally.   Staff   To ensure the entire office operation is smooth and efficient To be the Reporting Officer for all Professional & Management Staff of the STF Secretariat and Counter-signing officer for all other STF Staff To manage all staffing issue (eg, resolve conflict amongst colleagues, provide counselling to staff, motivate staff and encourage teamwork amongst Secretariat staff) Recommend, review and develop sports management and administration programmes and support schemes as well as policies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of management practices and capabilities. Provide direction and oversee the work of all staff and ensure optimal staffing requirements. Motivate and manage a highly skilled and multi-disciplinary team. Plan, appraise and monitor staff development. Set up and monitor the effectiveness of communication channels to ensure that the Board Members, sub-committees, staff and members are kept informed of activities.   Code of Ethics To act in the best interest of STF at all times and avoid any interest, activity or relationship that conflicts with the interests of STF. To ensure proper governance and stewardship over the properties, assets and monies of STF.   Finance   Oversee the overall budget for STF in collaboration with the Finance Personnel, Office Manager and Honorary Treasurer. Ensure that individual budgets for each programme are submitted and coordinated. Oversee the production of marketing documents for STF and gain sponsorship for all programmes. Monitor and approve all finances throughout the year by requesting detailed budgets from the Committee Chairpersons before activities are carried out and ensure that a detailed list of all expenditure accompanied by receipts is submitted.   Board Members   Provide support for all Board activities. Attend Board meetings to keep the Board informed of Secretariat plans. Ensure Board members receive relevant documents. Keep Board members regularly informed of STF activities. Prepare the Annual Report for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.   Building and Maintenance   Oversee the maintenance of all assets. Plan for the upgrading of equipment and buildings.  
Job requirementsAt least 5 years of experience in sports administration or working with sports organisationsPassion in sports, and interest or prior experience in sportsGood communication, writing and organisational skillsStrong collaborative and networking skills in working with colleagues and building strong partnerships with key stakeholders and partnersDegree/relevant professional qualification in Sports Management, Sports Science, Business Administration or Management is preferred, from a reputable/recognized University or PolytechnicExperience with entity with Charity status or sports background is an advantageA three-year contract will be offered  

Interested candidates kindly send in your resume to

Closing date for application is on Friday, 9th December 2022.

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