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Important Message for all CC Taekwondo Trainers

By now all CC Taekwondo Trainers should be aware that the People’s Association is making an effort to inform participants of the different taekwondo organizations.

All CC Taekwondo Trainers under the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) – the only national sports association for taekwondo recognized by the highest sports authorities in Singapore – are urged to take advantage of the situation by informing their participants of the merits of the organization they are with.

You may tell them that they should be proud that their certification is recognized by a national body which is also affiliated to the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). The STF is the only organization in Singapore that is accepted by the WTF which is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and has affiliates in 187 countries in the world.

The STF is also affiliated to the Asian Taekwondo Union and the Asean Taekwondo Federation.

Only members of the STF can participate in the SEA Games, the Asian Games and the Olympics.

What’s more, the STF is the largest and the most active taekwondo organization in Singapore. It has a following of more than 90% of the taekwondo population and it organizes national activities for members regularly. These include the NTU Taekwondo Invitation Championships for tertiary students, the Hwarang Championships for secondary school students and the Rosyth Championships for primary school students.

Let your participants appreciate the privileges they are entitled to because they are with a national association but do not criticize or condemn any organization.

All taekwondo coaches under the STF should also ensure that their students are aware of the different groups and the privileges that they can get because they train under you.

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