Sunday, 16 June, 2024

Information for PA Taekwondo Trainers

The People’s Association, in consultation with the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF), has drawn up a list of equipment (see attached) for trainees at the various stage of their development. This is necessary to create awareness and prevent any misunderstanding.

Optional equipment does not mean that it is redundant for the trainees. If the Trainers feel that the equipment is important for their training program, they can introduce it. For example, trainers may introduce hand mitts to their students if they believe that it is necessary for training. But students should not be compelled to buy them if they do not wish to.

Trainers should also take time to explain to their students the importance of some of the equipment like shin and forearm guards. While it is up to the students to decide if they want to use them for grading or not, they must understand that bruises may occur if there are accidental clashes during sparring if they do not wear the protective equipment.

For further enquiry, please email STF at

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