Sunday, 25 February, 2024

Invitation to serve at the STF Committees

The STF is currently looking for suitable members of the Taekwondo fraternity to serve in the following Committees:

  1. Audit and Ethics Committee
  2. Selections Committee

The proposed terms and reference are herewith attached.

We are looking for candidates with the following attributes:

a. leadership background in sports administration, a strong passion and will to serve
b. extensive knowledge and experience in Taekwondo as a practitioner
c. former National athletes
The Committees will meet on a quarterly basis and for about 2 hours per meeting.
Please write to Mr Malik Aljunied at with the following information:
a. educational & professional qualifications
b. coaching, sports administration background
c. similar volunteer experience in other sports-related committees
d. Taekwondo related knowledge or experience (coaching, competition, volunteering etc)
e. a personal statement on why and how you plan to contribute to the STF and Taekwondo fraternity

if you are interested or would like to seek further clarification.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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