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Open Selection Trial 2021 – Event Update

We are pleased to update that the Federation received strong support from our athletes’ community and Affiliates in registering for the Open Selection Trial 2021 at the close of registration on 26 February 2021.

In the light of the requirement to put in place COVID-19 safe management measures at the selection venue, we have revised the Technical Component of the Open Selection Trial to take place over two days on Saturday, 6 March and Sunday, 7 March 2021.


Below is a summary of the venue & two days program for the Technical Component as follows: 

The Poomsae and Kyorugi bout schedule and reporting time are in Annexes 1 and 2.

Athletes and their coaches are to arrive at the Venue based on the reporting time to register their attendance, comply with Safe Management Measures (“SMM”), weigh-in (for Kyorugi athletes) and prepare themselves for the selection trial. 

Please see Annex 3 for the location of the Sportshub, OCBC Arena.

Other highlights:


Weigh-in       : To be done at the start of the allocated session.

Assessment :Performance of sparring against selected opponents.

Attire              : STF-approved Dobok (for Kyorugi).

Equipment    : KPNP head gear and chest protector.

The scoring system deployed at the Open Selection Trial is KPNP. 

Athletes are advised to bring their own KPNP e-foot protectors and other protective gear that are compatible with the KPNP system.  This is for your own hygiene purposes and to minimize sharing of equipment.

For equipment provided by STF during the trial (such as body protector, head gear, KPNP e-foot protectors), we will sanitize and clean the equipment after each use.


Assessment : Performance of basic techniques and stances

Poomsae Attire: STF-approved Dobok or STF-approved Poomsae uniform

Freestyle Poomsae

Assessment : Performance of freestyle poomsae

Attire            : STF-approved Dobok (for Poomsae) or STF-approved Poomsae uniform

Equipment   : Athletes to bring own sound track and sound system (i.e. phone + speakers)

For avoidance of doubt, the attire to be worn at the Open Selection Trial 2021 shall be in accordance with the publication on uniform guidelines in our STF website link below. (


As a result of the requirement to complete the Technical Component over two days, the Physical component shall be postponed to Saturday, 13 March 2021.  Further details shall be announced by Wednesday, 10 March 2021, subject to final planning considerations.


The panel of selectors shall comprise of 3 members, namely, one member from the senior technical members, together with the Athletes Commission Chairman and the National Coaches of the respective discipline.  The number of selectors may be subject to change on the actual day.

Senior Technical Members

  • Mr Steven Soh
  • Mr RA Jeyaraman
  • Mr Lai Han Seng
  • Mr Lee Thiam Poh
  • Mr Tan Cheng Hui
  • Mr Tan Kok Heng
  • Mr S. Sinnathurai

Athletes Commission Chairman

  • Mr Poh Tze Chap


In addition, please see the list of COVID-19 requirements that will be implemented for your attention and compliance during the two event days:

  1. Each Affiliate sending athletes for the Open Selection Trial is only allowed to have two coaches in attendance. (Please submit the names, contact handphone numbers and last three digit plus alphabet of the NRIC number of the nominated coaches by 5 March 2021, 6.00 PM to The names submitted shall be compiled as our nominal roll for taking attendance by our ushers on both 6 March and 7 March 2021. We regret that names not in the nominal roll shall not be allowed entry into OCBC Arena, Hall 5.
  2. Only the athletes and the nominated coaches will be allowed entry to the venue based on attendance nominal roll compiled by the STF Secretariat Office.  We apologize that Athletes parents and other relations shall not be allowed entry to the Selection Trial due to venue capacity limit arising from COVID-19 compliance measures currently in place.
  3. Athletes, coaches, officials & workforce are required to comply with SMM (ie safeentry, temperature taking etc) at the point of entry to the venue.
  4. All attendees are required to wear mask & observe safe distancing measures when at the selection trial. 
  5. Once the athlete have completed his/her round of competition, the athlete is required to exit the OCBC Arena expediently after freshening up at the rest room, if required.

Individuals who have taken a swab test prior to the event, who are unwell, on Leave of Absence due to medical condition and Stay-Home Notice shall be declined from participating at the selection trial for the well-being of all participants.

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