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Senior Officials Meet First STF President

Mr Milan Kwee, President of the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF), met Dr Lau Teik Soon, the first STF President, at lunch on 17 September 2008. He was accompanied by other senior officials – Mr Steven Soh, Mr RA Jeyaraman, Mr Chin Khee Shin and Mr Lim Teong Chin – who knew Dr Lau during the STF formative years.

Standing (L-R) : Mr Steven Soh, Mr Lim Teong Chin & Mr RA Jeyaraman        
Seated (L-R) : Mr Milan Kwee, Dr Lau Teik Soon & Mr Chin Khee Shin

After briefly catching up on their lives, they talked about the development of the STF and the direction the organisation should take. Dr Lau was visibly happy that the STF was doing well and was positioned to achieve more successes.

As the first President in 1974, Dr Lau had an unenviable task of getting the clubs which were at loggerheads to come together under the STF, a newly formed national sports association. He succeeded in doing so during his watch simply because of his outstanding leadership. After passing the baton to the next President, LTC Jimmy Yap, in 1978, he became STF Advisor until he was succeeded by Mr Heng Chieng Meng.

From the conversation, one thing stood out: Dr Lau still has the STF interest at heart.

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