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STF President Re-appointed as WTF Council Member

Dr Choue Chungwon, President of the World Taekwondo Federation, has re-appointed Mr Milan Kwee as a Council Member on Friday 11 October 2013.

In a letter to Mr Kwee, Dr Choue wrote: “First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for your hard work for the development of taekwondo.  I firmly believe that your dedication and service to the World Taekwondo Federation will help our organization to grow to befit the whole taekwondo family around the world.

“In this regards, I would like to appoint you as WTF Council Member by the authority vested in the president under article 6.6 of the Statues of the World Taekwondo Federation.”

Mr Kwee, in his letter of acceptance, said: “It is with great honor and pride that I accept the opportunity to serve as a member of your team for another term.  I am grateful for your trust and assure you of my effort to support you in the propagation and advancement of the sport we hold so dear to our heart.”

The appointment is Mr Kwee’s second term.  During his first term, Mr Kwee has been active sharing his views at numerous Council meetings and serving as a member of the Competition Supervisory Board at the 2012 London Olympics and the Election Committee.

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation, on behalf of the taekwondo community in Singapore, congratulates Mr Kwee on the re-appointment.

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