Monday, 27 May, 2024

STF Virtual Taekwondo Championships – Invitation to join VTKD Technical Officials

Virtual Taekwondo is fun, inclusive and exciting and enable people of all ages, weight class and gender to compete against one another without barrier as it is non-contact sparring. Virtual Taekwondo is a technological innovation whereby taekwondo athletes don on VR headset and motion tracking nodes and use the body as game controller to compete against the avatar of their opponent.

To develop and promote this innovative version of taekwondo and excite the youth and likewise the masters, the STF Virtual Taekwondo (VTKD) Committee welcomes affiliated members/taekwondo athletes to be on board as VTKD Technical Officials and training will be provided.

The technical officials comprise Game Master (GM) and Technical Support Personnel (TS) who are key to the smooth operation of the VTKD in additional to referees. The technical officials will be trained on the game’s system and the technology used, setting up the gameplay and understanding of the rules of taekwondo and their application to VTKD games.

The Game Master is the main controller of gameplay and he/she enforces the rules of the game, taking appropriate action when rules are violated. The Technical Support Personnel is responsible for diagnosing and resolving technical issue that the athlete may encounter on the field of play (FOP). Training will commence from 3rd week of April 2024 onwards in preparation for the championships.

If you have strong interest to learn and contribute to the growth of a new sport, VTKD, aged 13 to beyond 80, we are happy to hear from you. Tech savvy is a plus but not a must. Please email your name, name of affiliated club and contact number to the soonest.

STF VTKD Committee welcomes you and your friends to experience and learn about Virtual Taekwondo. Let’s venture into this exciting and innovative Virtual Taekwondo together!

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