Monday, 21 August, 2023

Suspended for the Use of Vulgarity

Ms Veronica Phua, a coach from ACME Taekwondo, has been suspended from all activities organized or sanctioned by the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) for one year.

During the period of suspension, she will be required to undertake projects to promote the positive values of taekwondo and its beneficial effect on character building under the mentorship of Dr Ho Mun Wai, STF 1st Vice-President.

In a posting on Twitter, Ms Phua used vulgar language liberally which was prejudicial to the conduct of a good coach. The STF was also brought into disrepute when she used profanities on the taekwondo pledge by calling it the @#$%& pledge.

All coaches are reminded to conduct themselves with decorum at all times as they are upheld by their students as role models. Using profanities in any form of communication will send the wrong signal and confuse the students.

The STF has zero tolerance, as far as coaches are concerned, for any behavior which is detrimental to the image of organization. For that matter, it will not allow anyone to undermine its effort to promote taekwondo as a character development sport. 

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