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Taekwondo: Good for my Daughter

Here is an unedited testimonial from Mr Alex Lim, father of Lynette Lim.

“Lynette Lim is an Anglican TKD alumna, who started TKD lessons at Elias CC when she was in Primary 3. As she progressed from white belt to junior black belt, she was particularly keen on Kyorugi and trained very hard with coaches at Elias CC, Mountbatten CC and Tampines Changkat CC. With reinforced discipline and intense trainings by dedicated coaches, especially Coach Tan Tak Hua and Master Lee, and a personal desire to excel, Lynette had managed to win various prizes in both Poomsae and Kyorugi competitions.

At Secondary 2, she decided to dedicate more time on her new found interest in track and field jumps. Although the sport is different, she recognizes that to do well, there is still the need for the same discipline, focus and inspiration, which she learnt while in Anglican TKD. She brought this fighting spirit and attitude into jumps and continue do well by winning prizes and breaking records. http://www.tnp.sg/sss/content/seventh-heaven-lynette

I hope the young students at Anglican TKD appreciate the opportunity to learn something while having TKD lessons. It is not just about how well you kick or block, but the discipline, fighting spirit and attitude that you need to bring into the sport. As a parent, I am proud of her achievements regardless in TKD or jumps and I am equally appreciative of the fact that her time spent at Anglican TKD played a significant role in her childhood development. I hope her achievements will be an inspiration to others just like she got hers from Anglican TKD.

Thank you to Master Lee, Coach Tan, other coaches (Sin-Yu, Pei-Qi, Esther and others, whom I apologise that I can’t remmember everyone’s names) and sparring partners who had trained with her.

P.S. Lynette has just been nominated for the top 10 TNP School Sports Stars 2013 – http://www.tnp.sg/sss/webform/vote-your-top-10-tnp-school-sports-stars-2013. Appreciate if you could also support her. Many thanks in advance!”

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation is confident that the training of taekwondo has resulted in life-changing experiences for the better for many participants. It will continue to be at the forefront of proactively promoting taekwondo as a tool for character development.  

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