Friday, 14 June, 2024

Validity of Coach Pass

The National School Games will be held this year and many coaches have asked regarding the validity of their coach passes. Understanding that many affiliates and coaches were affected by COVID-19, the Federation wishes to extend support and goodwill to our affiliates and coaches by implementing these  interim measures on coach passes under the following circumstances:

  1. Existing valid coach pass holders shall be renewed for one year to 31 March 2023 with the coach pass fee payment waived and no further action is required.
  2. New coach pass applications and upgrading of Coach pass will have to adhere to the following prerequisites and prevailing coach pass fee:
New Pass / Upgrading of Coach PassPoomsae Coach prerequisitePoomsae Coach Pass Fees (SGD)Kyorugi Coach prerequisiteKyorugi Coach Pass Fees (SGD)Special Pass Fees (Poomsae + Kyorugi) (SGD)
Level 1Induction Course + Poomsae Coach Level 1$15Induction Course + NCAP Level 1 (Technical)$15$20
Level 2/3Induction Course + Poomsae Coach Level 2/3$20Induction Course + NCAP Level 2/3 (Technical)$20$30
  • The fees for new coach pass applications for Level 1 Poomsae and Level 2/3 Kyorugi will S$35 vice versa.
  • Existing valid coach pass holders who wishes to upgrade their coaching level will have to present the required prerequisite and making payment according to the listed price above.
  • The application form can be found in “Forms”.

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