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WT Preliminary Suspension Of Individual Members

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) , in the interest of transparency, would like the taekwondo fraternity to be appraised of this ongoing matter pertaining to Mr Lim Teong Chin and Ms Wong Liang Ming.

As previously informed, on the 8th May 2019, World Taekwondo (WT), in accordance with WT Statutes (Statutes) Article 14.3(E)(i), has placed the STF under preliminary suspension. In the same letter, WT stated that WT within the submitted report finds evidence of violations of the WT Code of Ethics Articles 2 (Officials) and 9 (Conflict of Interest) by Mr Lim Teong Chin and Ms Wong Liang Ming.

Mr Lim Teong Chin has written to WT requesting for a hearing for Ms Wong Liang Ming and himself through an email dated 21 May 2019.

In response to Mr Lim Teong Chin’s email, WT had in a letter dated 7th August 2019, reminded Mr Lim Teong Chin that he remains under investigation in accordance with Art. 3.2 of the WT Disciplinary Actions and Appeals Code (Disciplinary Code). Pending the conclusions of investigations, he remains under preliminary suspension in accordance with Article 3.12 of the WT Disciplinary Actions and Appeals Code.

In a separate letter dated 8th August 2019, Ms Wong Liang Ming was informed that, based on further complaints and information received by WT, she has been issued a notice of charge in accordance with Article 3.5 of the WT Disciplinary Actions and Appeals Code. She is deemed to have violated Article 6 (Ban on Harassment) and Article 10 (Protection of Personal Rights) of the WT Ethics Code which states:

Article 6 (Ban on Harassment) Participants in the Taekwondo Movement have a right to respect and to enjoy a safe and supportive sport environment. All forms of harassment, be it physical, moral, psychological, professional, or sexual are prohibited. Participants in the Taekwondo Movement are expected to be aware of WT’s Safeguarding Policy including its obligation to implement and report.

Article 10 (Protection of Personal Rights) During the course of their Participants in the Taekwondo Movement shall ensure that the personal human rights of those persons whom they contact and with whom they deal are protected, respected and safeguarded.

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