Monday, 17 June, 2024

ASEAN Taekwondo Championship 2022

The Singapore Taekwondo Team arrived at Ho Chi Minh City for the ASEAN Taekwondo Championship 2022. Going against exponents from the likes of Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, the team clinched a total of 4 Silver Medals and 16 Bronze Medals. We’d like to congratulate our athletes for their achievements:

Silver Medal

  • Aloysius Yeo Zhijie (Junior Individual Poomsae)
  • Natalie Tor En Xing (u55 Cadet Kyorugi)
  • Mohamad Sufi Bin Mohamad Ridhuan (u45 Junior Kyorugi)
  • Ingrid Poetri Iskandar (u63 Junior Kyorugi)

Bronze Medal

  • Ranen Fong Peng Shin (Junior Individual Poomsae)
  • Amelia Tan Ying Xuan (Junior Individual Poomsae)
  • Brandon Low Sze Sheng (Senior Individual Poomsae)
  • Diyanah Aqidah (Senior Individual Poomsae)
  • Junior Female Team
  • Germaine Loi Jia Min
  • Louise Faith Ng
  • Amelia Tan Ying Xuan
  • Senior Female Team
  • Diyanah Aqidah
  • Megan Chin Ying Xuan
  • Tan Wei Jia
  • Senior Male Team
  • Dixon Ho Wei Kit
  • Brandon Low Sze Sheng
  • Darren Yap Zong-Han
  • Senior Mixed Pair
  • Dixon Ho Wei Kit
  • Tan Wei Jia
  • Junior Mixed Pair
  • Louise Faith Ng
  • Ranen Fong Peng Shin
  • Isaac Han Zi Chou (u53 Cadet Kyorugi)
  • Yee Liming (u55 Junior Kyorugi)
  • Randolph Ng Yan Cong (u59 Junior Kyorugi)
  • Regan Chin Guan Cong (u68 Junior Kyorugi)
  • Keston Pang Ghim Weng (u54 Senior Kyorugi)
  • Nur Fadzlyn (u49 Senior Kyorugi)
  • Xavier Tan Wei Rong (u74 Senior Kyorugi)

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation would also like to thank our sponsor, K & G marketing for sponsoring the team attire, competition attire and competition equipment for this competition.

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