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Asean University Games Selection

The taekwondo event of the Asean University Games will be held from 20 to 23 December in Chiangmai City, Thailand. Both the kyorugi and the poomsae events will be contested under the World Taekwondo Federation competition rules.

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation is assisting Singapore Management University to select the best eligible players and performers to represent Singapore at the Games.

If you are an undergraduate in any University in Singapore, you are invited to participate in a selection trial which will be held on Saturday 9 October 2010 at 10 am at the National Training Centre (Block 80, Lorong Limau, #04-191, Singapore 320080)

For kyorugi, the selection will ideally be based on competition sparring. However, if there are insufficient participants for the activity to be carried out or to allow the selectors to effectively determine the candidates’ suitability, the selectors reserve the right to use other means of assessment – for example, agility and reaction tests and skill and tactic evaluations.

Poomsae candidates will be required to perform two patterns, from Taeguek 5 to Sipjin, to be named by the selectors.

Selected players and performers are expected to train with the coach who will accompany the team to the Championships. More details will be provided once the coach is identified.

For more information, you may contact Fred How Pui Beng at 6828 0324 or email him at

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