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Competing and Training in Korea

3 players under the Special Preparation Programme did Singapore proud in the 4th Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships held from 1 to 5 November 2008 in Suwon, Korea. They matched the best in the various categories to ensure that Singapore team did not return empty handed.

The Special Preparation Programme is for players earmarked for the Junior Tournaments. Participants in the programme have to commit themselves to regular training and fulfill the development plan which includes attending overseas training, friendly matches and competitions.

The event which attracted 1,200 competitors from 37 countries saw our players collect 2 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals. The medals came from the following.

Poomsae – Wesley Ong (Silver) & Keith Ong (Gold)
Sparring – Tessa Tang (Gold)

Gold                –           Keith Ong (Poomsae – Individual)

                                   Tessa Tang (Sparring)

Sparring – Keith Ong (Silver)
Poomsae (Championship Match) – Keith Ong (Silver) & Wesley Ong (Bronze)
Sparring (Championship Match) – Tessa Tang (Silver)

Silver         –             Keith Ong (Sparring)
                               Keith Ong (Poomsae – Championship Match)
                               Wesley Ong (Poomsae – Individual)
                               Tessa Tang (Sparring – Championship Match)

Sparring (Championship Match) – Keith Ong (Bronze)
Sparring – Wesley Ong (Bronze)
Poomsae – Tessa Tang (Bronze)

Bronze            –           Keith Ong (Sparring – Championship Match)
                                  Wesley Ong (Sparring)
                                  Wesley Ong (Poomsae – Championship Match)
                                  Tessa Tang (Poomsae – Individual)

After the competition, our players headed to Seoul for a training stint in Yeongdong Middle School. The training was arranged by Prof Lee Kyu Seok who is the Technical Advisor of the Singapore Taekwondo Federation.

At the school, our players had a lot of opportunity to trade kicks and punches with the school’s best players. Needless to say, our players had gained valuable sparring experiences from the exchanges.

Team Manager Ng Lee Noi said: “I am happy with the performances of the team and appreciate the co-operation and support of the coach, players and accompanying official and parents.”

Players and Proud Parents

Singapore Flag Bearers

Team Manager – Ng Lee Noi

Coach – Wong Liang Ming

Team Captain – Lanetar Quek

Players – Jordan Tay
Keith Ong
Wesley Ong
Tessa Tang
Official – Linda Sim

Parents – Mr Dicky Ong
Mrs Katherine Tay
Mrs Janet Ong

‘Mascot’ – Kaylar Ong

 ‘Mascot’ Kaylar Ong with Keith Ong (left) and Linda Sim (right)

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