Wednesday, 8 February, 2023

Daedo Sensing Socks for the National Championships

It was announced earlier that Daedo PSS will be used for categories featured on the last day (that is, Sunday 1 September 2013) of the National Championships.

Although it costs a lot of money for the STF to introduce PSS and Video Replay, it is necessary to provide opportunities for our officials, coaches and players to experience the latest practices in the sport and enhance their technical competence.  

For participants, they have the choice of using re-cycled sensing socks or new ones.  Players have to wear the socks.  They are not for the protection of their ankles and insteps.  The sensor in the sock must come into contact, with the required minimum impact level, with the sensor on the body protector for the system to recognize it as a score.  Without the socks, the player cannot score with body kicking techniques. It does not matter how hard he or she kicks on the target. 

Players who do not want to wear used socks may purchase them from the following Daedo agent. 

K & G Marketing Pte Ltd
2, Jurong East St 21
IMM Building#04-31J1
Singapore 609601 

The company will also sell the socks at the venue.  Most importantly, it has been kind enough to agree with the STF to bring down the price of the socks from $95 to $55 (almost at cost price) to support the development of the sport in Singapore. 

For more information on the product, you may contact Ms Krist Koh at 6569-3536 or email her at MARKETING@KNGHUB.COM.

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