Monday, 17 June, 2024

Doboks for 13th National Taekwondo Championships

The 13th National Poomsae Championships will be held this weekend at Toa Payoh Sports Hall. SNOC has assured us that this tournament is SNOC sanctioned, just as all upcoming tournaments organized by STF during our temporary suspension.

As previously stated, only STF-approved taekwondo uniform brands, namely Adidas, Daedo, Jcalicu, Kwon, Mooto, Victory(Mudoin) and Wacoku (Champ) would be allowed during competition.

While the license agreement for Nike uniforms expired in September 2017, the ex-supplier is working with STF on an amicable solution for participants with Nike uniforms.

The Management Committee has agreed that Nike uniforms can be worn by participants for the 13th National Poomsae Championships, but that the Nike logos and brand name must be taped over with a white coloured tape. Failure to do so may warrant a disqualification if the participant is in the Field of Play.

Do note that this concession applies only to this championship. STF reserves the right to use only brands for its events and championships.

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