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Hongkong Tourney Selection Results

After due consideration of the recommendations by the Selection Panel, the Management Committee endorsed the following for the 14th Asian Cities Gold Cup Taekwondo Championships which would be held from 20 and 21 February 2010 in Hong Kong.

  • Senior Male

Under 58kg                Jason Tan Junwei

Under 63kg                Jordan Tay Jun Jie

  • Senior Female

Under 46kg                Chua Juan Juan*

Under 55kg                Denise Thong Bai Hui

Under 73kg                Jacqueline Quek Jie Lin**

  • Junior Male

Under 48kg                Daniele Haadi Tan

Under 51kg                Keith Ong Jin Cong

Under 55kg                Daryl Tan Jia Jun**

Under 68kg                Christopher Lee Jia Zhe

Under 73kg                Muhd Norhalim

  • Junior Female

Under 44kg                Tio Jia Xin

Under 52kg                Zakirah Bte Zakaria

Under 55kg                Geraldine Quek Jie Yi**

Under 59kg                Nurul Shafinas Bte Abdul Rahman

Under 68kg                Tessa Tang Xue Yi

The following officials will accompany the team.

Team Manager          To be appointed

Coach                         Wong Liang Ming

Trainer                        Samuel Tan

Team Assistant         Nicholas Tang

*Pending successful interview (club coach required to be present)

**Subject to fulfillment of technical expectations

The Selection Panel comprising Mr Steven Soh, Mr Chin Khee Shin and Mr Lee Thiam Poh based their recommendations on the performances of the players in the final selection held on 20 December 2009. However, the Management Committee decided to send more than the recommended number of players after considering their training commitment and their potential for future competitions.

Congratulations to all successful candidates.

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