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Mighty Mindy Shines

Eight-year old Mindy Low Lixian from Eunos TKD emerged as the star of the 1st National Young Junior Poomsae Championships held on 11 June 2006 at Toa Payoh Indoor Hall.

Mindy not only outperformed 15 other participants in her category but also won the hearts of the judges to take home the best overall performer award in the competition.  Her impressive display of skills and discipline also awed the STF President, Mr Milan Kwee.

Said Mr Kwee who enjoyed the competition as much as the parents and other spectators: “Mindy stood out from all the other competitors.  She conducted herself very well in and out of the arena.  Her uniform was immaculate.  Her stances were clear.  Her execution of techniques was almost flawless.  Most of all she showed nerves of steel.”

Mr R Jeyaraman, one of the judges, was equally impressed. He said: “Yes, I have no doubt that she was the most outstanding performer. My fellow judges, Mr Chin Khee Shin and Mr. Steven Soh, also gave her high marks. Picking her as the best was obvious.”

The championships which attracted more than 150 participants also produced 12 other champions in the various categories.  They were:

13 – 15 years old (Male) – Poom Belt       
Tan JunWei Jason     Acme TKD
13 – 15 years old (Female) – Poom Belt       
Tang Charlotte     Taekwon Singapore
10 – 12 years old (Male) – Blue Belt       
Chong Wei Xian     Eunos TKD
10 – 12 years old (Male) – Poom Belt       
Lim Hong Bin Vincent     Taekwon Singapore
10 – 12 years old (Female) – Poom Belt       
Yeo Jin Ting     Synergy TKD
7 – 9 years old (Male) – Yellow Belt       
Yap Kervin     Acme TKD
7 – 9 years old (Female) – Yellow Belt       
Leow Jay Min Isabelle     Pasir Ris Elias CC
7 – 9 years old (Male) – Green Belt       
Ng Darren    JH Kim TKD
7 – 9 years old (Male) – Blue Belt       
Cheong Yan Keat     Eunos TKD
5 – 6 years old (Open)       
Chia Song Wai Terence     Acme TKD
7 – 9 years old (Open)       
Low Lixian Mindy     Eunos TKD
10 – 12 years old (Open)       
Chia Pei Lynn Cheryl     Temasek Primary School
13 – 15 years old (Open)       
Cheong Xin Yi Michelle     Team Dragon

Mr. Kwee gave away the prizes at the end of the competition. Before he left, he personally thanked all the volunteers including Tournament Chairman, Mr Lee Thiam Poh, for a job well done.

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