Friday, 19 July, 2024

National Championships Reminders

Club leaders, team managers and coaches are reminded to

  • ensure that their players are fit for competition;
  • require their players to wear the right-sized safety equipment which is approved and in good condition;
  • look out for the safety of all players by declaring the martial arts background of their players, asking for a lop-sided match to be stopped and disallowing unprepared players from participating in the competing;
  • ensure that they, their supporters and their players are conversant with the competition rules and regulations and uphold the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play; and
  • make sure that injured players seek medical assistance.

Simply put they should ensure that their participants have a positive and safe environment to compete and do no harm to them.

In addition to ensuring the safety of all participants, they are to note the following.

  • Clubs will not be allowed to participate in the championships if their referees fail to turn up.
  • The STF will take action against clubs whose referees did not report for duty after their players have completed the championships. Please not that the referees’ commitment is for the full duration of the tournament.
  • Players who do not observe the uniform code will be barred from participation.

Have an enjoyable and memorable experience at the championships!

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