Friday, 12 July, 2024

Poomsae Championships Notice and Schedule

The overwhelming response to the coming National Poomsae Championships had resulted in the need for the organizers to tweak the rules to accommodate the unexpected huge number of participants.

The championships attracted 1,015 participants for the various categories!

All participating club leaders, team mangers and coaches are kindly requested to note the following information and inform all performers and their parents, if necessary, so that the event can be run smoothly on that day.

  • The reporting time will be 8.35 am.
  • The competition will start punctually at 9.00 am.
  • It is expected to end at 10.00 pm.
  • Arrangement will be made to have six courts to run concurrently.
  • The STF will decide on the number of judges. It may not be the standard number.
  • Manual system will be used for scoring in the preliminaries and semi-finals.
  • For the finals, electronic scoring system and 3 courts will be used.

Your co-operation is required to get your participants ready half an hour before their scheduled performance time. They should report immediately when their categories are announced.

A performer will be disqualified if he or she is not at the holding area when his or her group begins to compete.

The schedule and name lists are attached. Please ensure that the names of your participants are in the right categories. You are required to inform the Secretariat by telephone (6345 1491) or email ( before noon on Friday 12 June 2009 if there is any error.

The STF appreciates the understanding, support and co-operation of all participating clubs.

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