Sunday, 24 September, 2023

Referee Promotion 15 August 2013

The Chairman of the Board of Referees has approved the following applications for promotion.Poomsae

  • Ong Bee Ai  (2nd class to 1st class)
  • Teo Yeow Hong (3rd class to 2nd class)


  • Nurhafiez Nazir Ahmad (3P class to 3rd class)

 In considering the applications, the Chairman of the Board of Referees noted that a number of applicants do not meet the promotion criteria.  One of them applied for promotion after clocking only 8 hours of officiating experience.  This is well below the required 40 hours.  Another applicant officiated 58.5 hours which did not include at least 30 hours at National competitions.All national referees are advised to apply for promotion when the meet the promotion requirements.  The promotion criteria can be found on Singapore Taekwondo Federation website under ‘Guidelines’.

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