Monday, 17 June, 2024

Referee Promotion

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation is pleased to announce the promotion of the following referees.

Kyorugi Referees

Class 3P to 3

  • Benedict Ong
  • Michael Tan Cheng Hock

Class 3 to 2

  •  Pauline Yow Pei Yi

Poomsae Referee

Class 3 to 2

  •  Pauline Yow Pei Yi

Referees who qualify for promotion are encouraged to submit their applications on the prescribed forms available at the Secretariat. Applicants’ refereeing records including the number of officiating hours must accompany the application.

The brief guidelines of the promotion criteria are as follows.

Class 3P to 3             –           30 hours

Class 3 to 2               –           4 sanctioned tournaments

Class 2 to 1               –           3 national championships

Those, who aspire to move on to become international referees, are advised to have at least a 4th dan Kukkiwon certification.

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