Thursday, 13 June, 2024


Singapore, renowned as a premier sports event hub, is set to host the inaugural Singapore 2024 World Taekwondo Virtual Championships on November 16 and 17, 2024.

The prestigious event marks the swift return of World Taekwondo, the international federation for taekwondo, to Singapore. The city-state saw the exciting debut of Virtual Taekwondo at the Olympic Esports Week (OEW) in June 2023, and this has now been followed by the World Taekwondo Council’s decision to award the first-ever World Taekwondo Virtual Championships to Singapore.

Dr. Choue Chungwon, President of World Taekwondo, commented, “The World Taekwondo Virtual Championships is a glimpse into the future of Taekwondo. I hope that Virtual Taekwondo will be added to the programme of the Olympic Esports Games, which will further showcase the innovation, diversity, and inclusiveness of our sport.”

Mr Alan Goh, Chief Executive Officer of Sport Singapore shared “We are excited to host the inaugural World Taekwondo Virtual Championships together with World Taekwondo and Singapore Taekwondo Federation. Building on the success of Olympic Esports Week in 2023, this event will further demonstrate how technology can transform traditional event formats and showcase our local companies’ capabilities. This competition is also part of Sport Singapore’s strategy to bring in world-class sporting events for the community using the Major Sport Events Fund. We look forward to supporting our Team Singapore athletes in action as they compete against other Taekwondo exponents and creating a successful event for all participants and spectators.”

Prof. Tan Cheng Han, President of the Singapore Taekwondo Federation, expressed his gratitude to World Taekwondo, stating, “Singapore is extremely honoured to be awarded the hosting of this significant and important World Taekwondo Virtual Championships. The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) is privileged to be entrusted with this event that we hope will facilitate Virtual Taekwondo becoming part of the Olympic movement. We warmlywelcome the athletes and officials across the globe to experience Singapore, and together with our aspiring athletes, to present this first-edition of the World Taekwondo Virtual Championships to the world. We are also pleased that this world championship will be taking place as STF celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Taekwondo movement in Singapore this year.”

The World Taekwondo Virtual Championships in Singapore is planned to feature five categories: Mixed Junior (13-15 years old); Individual Male and Individual Female athletes (16-35 years old) who can also compete in the Mixed event; and Mixed Masters (36 years old and above). These events showcase the key attraction of Virtual Taekwondo as a barrier-free, innovative, and fun sport.

Singapore taekwondo athletes Natalie Tor and Nigel Tan, who were first runner-up and Champion respectively of Olympic Esports Series 2023 (Virtual Taekwondo), expressed their exhilaration. “I am feeling excited to witness the development of Virtual Taekwondo, with the upcoming world championships and I am eager to catch the world’s best athletes in action” (Natalie Tor). “I am incredibly excited to know that Singapore is hosting this event and I can’t wait to see athletes from around the world showcasing their talent,” said Nigel Tan.

Mr. Ng Chong Geng, founder of Refract Technologies, which developed the revolutionary Virtual Taekwondo system, shared his aspiration for the sport’s future. “Our sincere hope is that Virtual Taekwondo will help attract new enthusiasts to learn about the charm of Taekwondo and lower the bar of participation in the sport,” he said. “We hope that Virtual Taekwondo will let many more youth have the experience of sparring and let the legends of the community continue to participate in Taekwondo in a new way.”

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