Constitution Amended

At the Extraordinary Meeting held on 18 February 2012, Club representatives in attendance unanimously endorsed the proposed amendments to the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) Constitution to comply with the Singapore Sports Council requirements.

Mr Milan Kwee, STF President, explained during the meeting that the amendments were necessary to provide, among other things, a provision for succession. He said that he was for succession as it would be good for the organization.

Mr Kwee pointed out that he had in fact initiated the succession process by convincing former 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents, Mr Steven Soh and Mr RA Jeyaraman respectively, to take a different role so that he could induct Mr Ho Mun Wai (STF 1st Vice-President) and Dr Lee Chee Wee (STF 2nd Vice-President). The idea was to groom either one of them to take over the leadership role of the organization.

When asked if they would support, by show of hands, the amendments, everyone present raised their hands without reservation.

The STF would like to put on record its appreciation to all affiliates which were representated at the meeting.