The Activities

The Federation organises the following activities to cater to the multifarious interests of participants.

  • Centralised Promotions Tests
  • Tournaments
  • National Coaching Accreditation Programmes for Coaches (NCAP)
  • Referee’s Courses
  • Veterans’ Courses
  • Unarmed Combat Courses
  • Self-defense Courses
  • Taekwon Aerobics Courses
  • National Taekwondo Seminars
  • SPEX 21 Training Scheme
  • National Squad
  • Development Squad
  • Friendly Matches

It participates in all major international tournaments and seminars sanctioned by the World Taekwondo Federation or the Asian Taekwondo Union. These include:

  • Asian Games
  • SEA Games
  • World Championships
  • Asian Championships
  • ASEAN Championships
  • International Invitational Championships
  • International Referees’ Seminars
  • International Taekwondo Symposium
  • World Taekwondo Academy Special Courses

The Federation also actively supports the Singapore Government’s programmes and charitable fund-raising projects. Some of its more significant contributions are

  • National Day Parades
  • The Great Singapore Workout
  • Singapore Sports Council Fitness Programme
  • Jogathon for the National Kidney Foundation
  • Fund-raising projects for the National Kidney Foundation, Ren Ci, and Asian Women’s Welfare Association
  • Singapore Healthy Lifestyle