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Taekwondo Featured at National School Games Opening

As the newest member on the Ministry of Education school sports calendar, taekwondo was showcased at the launching of the National School Games at Raffles Institution.

The event held on Monday 1 February 2010 saw Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) national demonstration team enthralling the audience including the guest of honour, Ms Grace Fu (Senior Minister of State for National Development and Education), Mr Goh Ek Piang (Deputy Director, Co-curricula Activities Board), Mr Lim Lai Chuan, Chairman of the Singapore Schools Sports Council and representatives of 183 schools.

Ms Fu shared her thoughts on the demonstration with the audience in her speech. She was certainly impressed with the demonstration. What caught her attention were not only the awesome skills of the performers but also the discipline shown by the performers. Mr Milan Kwee, STF President, was elated with the remarks.

Said Mr Kwee: “I am glad that the Minister noticed the value in the sport. She was very  observant.”

It was a proud day for members of STF who were at the ceremony. Besides feeling good about the Minister’s comments, they saw one of their own, Mr David Koh, taking the referees’ oath on behalf all officials in Games.

The STF also set up a booth at the opening to provide information on the sport. When Ms Fu visited the booth, Mr Kwee was there to brief her on the various aspects of taekwondo.

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