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Taekwondo Warriors Wow World Congress Participants

Participants of the 18th Children’s Hospice International World Congress were awestruck by the breathtaking performances of the taekwondo warriors from Assisi Hospice.

The warriors demonstrated on 7 September 2007 at Pan Pacific Hotel during the dinner held for the participants. They showed off their skills, strength and spirit and earned the thunderous applause from the spectators.

While all the performers were clearly well ahead in skills for their grades, Diniy outshone the rest in the display of awesome power. Despite his puny frame, he broke boards with both foot and hand techniques. He was pure ‘dynamite’ in his taekwondo uniform.

If there was an award for fighting spirit, Wei Hao would have won hands down. His legs were weak but not his spirit. He showed what he could do with four assailants. Although he took a fall in the process of defending himself, he did not grimace or cringe. Like a true warrior, he went on ‘fighting’ much to the delight of the crowd.

Once again, the taekwondo warriors had done Assisi Hospice and STF proud!

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