Sunday, 14 July, 2024

100% Passes

Display the spirit of ‘a black belt is a white belt who never quits’, 18 candidates took their test again for the Poomsae Coach qualification. This time they came prepared.

Said one of the not so young participants who would like to remain anonymous: “I did not expect to pass my theory test as that was the first time I took any written test after 15 years! What’s more, I had difficulty recalling what I had studied. Today, I am prepared. I don’t think I would have any problem passing.”

He certainly did not as he scored a high 96%.

The other 17 candidates also did well to qualify for the Poomsae Coach certification.

Well done, that’s the kind of spirit the Singapore Taekwondo Federation wants from its members.

For the record, here are the names of the success candidates.

  • Lee Kar Aik
  • Gan Ghee Hai
  • Jacqueline Quek
  • Alvin Quek
  • Dennis Lim
  • Chua Hin Ghee
  • Shaidatul Nur Ashiqin
  • Ong Wen Xiang
  • Catherine Seah
  • Bok Thye Boon
  • Tan Choon Mong
  • Kang Hui Min
  • Nixon Ng
  • Ang Wee Cher Richard
  • Eleutherius Liew
  • Melanie Brugada
  • Evangeline S Magpantay
  • Linda Sim

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