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1st Referee Refresher Seminar 2005 (Report)

90 participants attended the Referee Refresher Seminar held on 7 August 2005 at the National Training Centre. It was conducted by Mr. Lim Teong Chin, Chairman, Board of Referees, with the assistance of International Referee Yeo Boon Thiang and International Referee Lee Thiam Huat.

The seminar focused on the latest rules and rules interpretations adopted by the World Taekwondo Federation on 12 April 2005.

Said Mr. Lim: “The changes are necessary to make the sport safer, fairer and more exciting.”

He added: “The frequent changes mean that referees and coaches have to stay current to be effective in the performance of their functions. If they do not know the new rules, they will be disadvantaged.”

Showing their interest, the participants asked many questions on the rules and other referee administration matters.

At the end of the seminar, the referees took a test to confirm their competency and understanding of the new refereeing rules and procedure. All of them did well to qualify for officiating assignments in the National Championships and other local tournaments.

The STF would like to thank the participants, the International Referees and officials for making the seminar possible. Special thanks to Mr. John Ho and Mr. Edmund Tan for their personal contribution to the event.

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