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34 Pass the Poomsae Coach Retest

The following who took the Poomsae Coach Retest conducted on 21 and 22 March 2012 at the National Training Centre (NTC) earned the qualification after the examiners, Mr Michael Ho and Mr Leon Koh, were satisfied with their efforts.

  1. Ang Sheng Jie Bryan
  2. Cheng Wen Jie
  3. Chew Wei Bin
  4. Chia Hak Wee Daryl
  5. Chong Ang Shen
  6. Chong Isaac
  7. Chua Daryl
  8. Grant Lynne Marie
  9. Hong Guangyu William
  10. Juay Ee Tat Teddy
  11. Kim Hyeon Uk
  12. Kwok Shu Hao Jansen
  13. Lee Jie
  14. Lee Jie Yao Alan
  15. Lee Keng Yeen Joel
  16. Lee Keun Ho
  17. Leong Suzhen
  18. Lim Kun Yi
  19. Lim Weihao Nicholas
  20. Loo Chee Meng
  21. Neo Rui Fang
  22. Nyo Wei Sheng Wilson
  23. Quek Wei Qiang Edwin
  24. Soh Ming Jie
  25. Tan Jianming Joshua
  26. Tan Jui Seng
  27. Tan Zhen Wei Gavin
  28. Teng Chee Keen
  29. Teo Jie Yu
  30. Wang Yifan
  31. Wong Kah Hon Vanson
  32. Yang Zhi Zhong
  33. Yap Chim Peow Matthew
  34. Yoon Dae Ung

Only 7 candidates (whose names do not appear in the above list) failed to qualify in their second attempts. They were encouraged to continue practicing so that it would be easier for them in the next course.

Successful candidates may register for the Poomsae Referee Course which would commence on Saturday 24 March 2012 at 5.00pm at the NTC by calling Jolene, Theresa or Rosalind at 63451491. Payment can be made before the start of the course at the NTC.

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