Friday, 26 May, 2023


The following National Referees, who have fulfilled the referee promotion criteria, have been promoted to their respective classes.


Class 2 to 1

  • Ng Lee Noi

Class 3 to 2

  • Lai Hai Mei

Class 3P to 3

  • Teo Guo Zhi Benny
  • Ong Hui Ping
  • Linda Sim
  • Han Hew Juan

Other applications for promotion (poomsae, kyorugi or both) have been rejected because of insufficient information or inadequate tournament experience.

Please note that one of the current promotion criteria states that a referee will be considered as having officiated in a competition if he completes at least 50% of the tournament hours. The Board of Referees will be reviewing this criterion as it does not recognize the duration, which is less than 50%, officiated by referees.

Those who have applied and were not promoted may apply again if they meet the new requirements.

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