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43 Coaches Attend Grading Briefing

43 coaches who attended the Grading Briefing conducted on Saturday 19 April 2008 at the National Training Centre had a clearer picture of how to prepare their students for grading.

They were also informed of the latest grading requirements and development. Some of which included the following.

  • With immediate effect, all successful 15-year old candidates will be awarded dan certification in line with Kukkiwon regulations. Those holding poom belts may apply for conversion to dan on reaching 15 years old.
  • Each round of sparring will last from 20 seconds to 1 minute. It is up to the discretion of the examiners.
  • Clubs sending grading one and higher candidates are expected to arrange sparring partners for their candidates. If no arrangement is made, the examiners will decide on what they deemed appropriate.
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