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Help at Hand

The recently completed centralized grading concluded with a high percentage of failures.

From the feedback received from its examiners, the Singapore Taekwondo Federation learned that most candidates were not prepared well enough for the grading.

While some candidates were still doing the traditional movements for poomsae, others thought that to ‘kill’ the opponents was equal to skills. Those were not what the examiners were looking for.

Grade 1 and higher candidates (junior and senior) can find out more about the examiners’ expectations by joining the next Grading Preparation Workshop.

The details are as follows.

Date                :           Sunday 25 May 2008

Time               :           2 to 5 pm

Place              :           National Training Centre (NTC)

Dress Code   :           ‘Dobok’

Certification   :           Certificate of Participation

Fee                 :           $30

Closing Date:           Tuesday 20 May 2008

The registration form is attached. 

The activity, which will be run by senior examiners, will be beneficial to members who want to know what they must do to achieve success in the grading. For candidates who wish to find out in detail why they fail, the workshop is a good place for them to get the answers.

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