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A Workshop Worth Attending

12 participants were given special attention during the grading preparation workshop held on 25 May 2008. To some, it was almost one trainer to a trainee.

Seven examiners including 4 senior examiners were present to guide the participants and help prepare them for their grading. They were Chin Khee Shin, Steven Soh, RA Jeyaraman, Wong Liang Ming, Tan Cheng Hui, Ng Hwa Ann and Lim Teong Chin.

However, not all the participants were there to prepare for their grading.

Some of them were there to enhance their knowledge so that they could better help their students to pass their promotion tests. Some were there only to learn the correct execution of techniques.

It did not matter their reasons for attending the workshop. More importantly, they got more than what they bargained for.

As one parent said: “My children got a year’s worth of lessons in one session.”


  • Adam Slater
  • Evon Teo Shiok Yee
  • Jonathan Pang Theng Peow
  • Vincent Zhang Zhimin
  • Wilson Nyo
  • Roy Ng Kai Jie
  • Rex Ng Kai Rui
  • Maung Soe Nyunt Zaw
  • Pauline Yow Pei Yi
  • Nicole Liang Wei Ning
  • Justin Liang Zhen Ning
  • Peter Lim Jwan Ming

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