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Be a Professional Coach

“It is an eye-opener,” said Mohd Adnan Abdullah, one of the participants in the Coach Induction Course held on Sunday 8 February 2009 at the National Training Centre.

He added: “I realize that there is more to just sharing of skills in coaching. There is so much responsibility. As coaches, we represent our clubs, our sport and the Singapore Taekwondo Federation. We have to be a credit.”

42 coaches attended the course. And they learned, among other things, that the best legacy a coach could leave was the life lessons he or she taught his or her students. Was it easy? They knew from case study that it was a challenge when their job and popularity were at stake. But they also knew the direction that they should take if they wanted to impart the right values.

It is now up to the following who attended the course to decide if they dare to take up the professional pass which is a symbol of their willingness to undertake the full obligations of a coach.

  • Yong Thim Ting
  • Goh Aik Leng
  • Tan Hai Kheng Lawrence
  • Bong Peng Luck
  • Lee Thiam Poh
  • Lee Thiam Huat
  • Derrick Tan Jing Yang
  • Shaidatul N A
  • Ernest Lim Jia Yi
  • Kong Sin Yu
  • Tan Jun Wen
  • Chua Jun Xian
  • Lor Keli
  • Charlotte Tang Xue Ting
  • Ananurmelati Bte Abdul Rahman
  • Nur Raidah Bte Azman
  • Siah Geok Teng
  • Mohd Adnan Abdullah
  • Ang Soon Chuah
  • Lim San Chang
  • Low Zi Ping Melvin
  • Yik Jia Hwee
  • Kingston Mok You Hong
  • Low Jun Jie
  • Low Kai Wen
  • Ang Qin Ying Cindy
  • Ang Jun Ming Anthony
  • Lee Kar Churn Eddie
  • Eleutherius Liew
  • Li Derong Eric
  • Aaron Tan Zheng Kai
  • Lee Zhen Chong
  • Igen Tan Yi Sheng
  • Ng Jia Hao
  • Yee Jun Wen
  • Linus Tay Ming Yan
  • Mark Tay Mu Ming
  • Darwin Goh Ying Shi
  • Lim Ze Hong
  • Yip Hin Hoe
  • Tan Zhi Yuan
  • Fong Wen Kiat

(Photographs courtesy of Mr Goh Aik Leng.)

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