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‘Dan’ Promotion Course

The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) is concerned that ‘senior’ members especially coaches are holding grades that do not commensurate with their experiences, knowledge and skills. They have been in the art for tens of years and were, for some reasons, unable to take their grading regularly. Now many their juniors or, in some cases, their students are holding higher grades.

In a recent survey among some of the senior members, the STF found a need to take care of their interests by encouraging them to upgrade themselves.

A first ‘dan’ promotion course comprising lectures, training and exclusive promotion tests will be conducted specially for them. The details are as follows.

Dates                          :           21 & 28 March 2010 (Tentative)

Time                           :           6.00 to 9.00 pm

Venue                         :           STF National Training Centre

Dress Code               :           ‘Dobok’

Course Fees            :           1st dan to 2nd Dan   – $200

2nd dan to 3rd Dan   – $250

3rd dan to 4th Dan   – $300

4th dan to 5th Dan   – $350

5th dan to 6th Dan   – $400

6th dan to 7th Dan   – $500

Test                             :           According to the normal grading requirements.

Registration              :           Same procedure adopted for ‘dan’ applicants in

                                                the centralized grading.

Closing Date             :           6 March 2010 (Tentative)        

Candidates may apply for a maximum of a two-dan promotion if they meet the following time-frame for the grades.

1st to 3rd dan4 years 6 months
2nd to 4th dan6 years
3rd to 5th dan8 years
4th to 6th dan10 years
5th to 7th dan        12 years

The fee payable will be for both grades.

All applications are subjected to recommendations by the Chairman of the Board of Examiners in consultation with the other senior examiners and approval by STF President. Applicants may also be asked to attend an interview, if required.

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