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25 Players Shortlisted

After observing the performances of 35 hopefuls for places in the 14th Asian Cities Gold Cup Taekwondo Championships which will be held from 19 to 21 February 2010 in Hong Kong, the Selection Panel comprising Messrs Steven Soh, Chin Khee Shin and Lee Thiam Poh, picked 25 players.

The selected players will be required to meet the training requirements to qualify for the final selection which will be held some time in end December 2009 or early January 2010.

The number of players who will eventually board the plane to Hong Kong will be decided by the selectors at the final trial. It will be limited by the number set by the organizers.

Those who are not selected to train for the final trial are encouraged to continue training for future selections. For them, the outcome of the selection simply means that they are not ready for international competitions.

All selected players are requested to report for briefing and training on Monday, 16 November 2009 at 7.30pm at STF Temporary National Training Centre at Greatland Building.

List of Shorlisted Players

Male (Senior)

WeightCategory ACategory BCategory C
Under 58kgJason Tan Junwei
Under 63kgJordan Tay Jun JieLim Choon HonNicholas Tang

Female (Senior)

WeightCategory ACategory BCategory C
Under 46kgChua Juan Juan
Under 49kgLanetar Quek Yu
Under 53kgDenise Thong Bai Hui
Under 67kgYeo Xi Er
Under 73kgJacqueline Quek Jie Lin

Male (Junior)

WeightCategory ACategory BCategory C
Under 48kgDaniele Aidan Tan
Under 51kgKeith Ong Jin CongWesley Ong Zhi Qiang
Under 55kgWister Tan Jun Ray
Daryl Tan Jia Jun
Ng Ming Wei
Raja Arshad Bin Raja Mahmod
Under 59kgShaun Lee Ming Da
Under 68kgChristopher Lee Jia Zhe
Raja Zulfadli Bin Raja Mahmod
Under 73kgMuhd Norhalim

Female (Junior)

WeightCategory ACategory BCategory C
Under 44kgTio Jia Xin
Under 52kgZakirah Bte Zakaria
Under 55kgGeraldine Quek Jie Yi
Under 59kgNurul Shafinas Bte Abdul Rahman
Under 68kgTessa Tang Xue Yi

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