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First Training Camp Proves Rewarding

On 17, 19 and 22 December 2008, 30 young taekwondo exponents from Acme TKD, J H Kim TKD, Maris Stella TKD Club, Valour TKD and Woodlands TKD participated in the inaugural Youth Training Camp. The activity was inspired by the Youth Olympic Games 2010 and organized by the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) Youth Development Committee.

The course conducted by a team of volunteer coaches headed by Santos Rivas, Chief Instructor of J H Kim and supervised by Wong Liang Ming, STF Coaching Committee Chairman, saw the enthusiastic participants not only enjoying themselves but also giving of their all to get optimum benefits from the camp.

The training programme included sparring fundamentals – for example, attacking and counter-attacking tactics, feinting techniques and match strategies. Besides learning and refining their sparring skills, the participants performed interesting but challenging conditioning and flexibility exercises. They also had their first experience of being tested physically and mentally. The tests measured, among other things, their cardiovascular fitness, upper and lower body strength, speed and reflexes.

That was not all. The participants had lots of fun playing the various exciting games while learning not only to be fast and accurate but also to be smart. The activities helped them understand the way to gaining competitive advantage.

All of the participants agreed that the camp had taught them the importance of discipline, hard work and dedication in their quest for success in the sport. They were also very happy for the opportunity to make new friends and learn many new and practical techniques which they could apply in their sparring.

Mr Milan Kwee, STF President, rounded off the camp by thanking the participants’ parents for their support and presenting certificates of appreciation to the coaches and certificates of participation to every participant.

The participants also went home with a set of brand new uniform each. The uniforms were partially sponsored by Liang Seng Sports Equipment.

Officials will be contacting eligible participants identified during the camp for follow-up training and shortlisting for the Youth Olympic Games 2010.

All young taekwondo members who aspire to represent Singapore are encouraged to attend future camps where players are identified for development.


1. Goh Jian Qi Keefe
2. Carissa Jee
3. Lau Wei Qi Felicia
4. Loh Cheng Jun Nicolas
5. Phua Xiong Wen Ryan
6. Seah Yang Wui
7. Sophus E. Ottem Lie
8. Su Li Wey
9. Teo Tze Hau
10. Yap Bao Hong Daryl
11. Yue Jie
12. Aiken Lam
13. Ng Ming Wei
14. Chang Ern Chi
15. Chang Ern Rae
16. Chang Tsin Jer
17. Lee Jia Zhe Christopher
18. Tan Jun Jie Nigel
19. Tan Ying Xuan Nichelle
20. Tan Zhi Yu Nicole
21. Wira Affandi Teo
22. Tan Jun Wei
23. Brenda Koh
24. Phang Yong Xin
25. Phang Yong Kang
26. Speed Lim Kai Peng
27. Megan Ho
28. Josua Lin
29. Kylynn Goh
30. Sia Chin Jin


1. Santos Rivas
2. Lai Han Seng
3. Lee Seung Man
4. Son Myeong Du
5. Woo Mei Teng
6. Baek A Ryong
7. Pang Hon Liong

(The article is contributed by Arlene Rivas, Youth Development Committee Chairman and the pictures are taken by Kevin Ho.)

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