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New Poomsae

Two poomsae, Combined Basic Movements for White 10 and Basic Taegeuk for White 9, will be replaced next year by Introductory Taegeuk and Preliminary Taegeuk respectively.

Following feedback from Ng Hwa Ann, STF Grading Chairman and several coaches that the white belt poomsae are difficult to teach especially to children below 6 years old, Lim Teong Chin, STF Chief Examiner, created the two new poomsae and presented them to the other senior examiners – Steven Soh, Chin Khee Shin, RA Jeyaraman, Wong Liang Ming and Tan Cheng Hui – for their consideration.

All of them agreed that the poomsae are not only easy to teach and learn but also more meaningful. For example, the first pattern ends with a ‘kihap’ while adopting the ‘kyorugi chunbi’ position to promote preparedness, courage and confidence

If you want to have a thorough understanding of the two new poomsae and learn the steps, you should attend the course which will be held as follows.

Date                : 10 January 2009 (Saturday)

Time               : 6pm to 7.30pm

Venue             : National Training Centre

Dress Code     : ‘Dobok’

Fee                 : $10.00

Registration     : Only members who have registered will

                           be allowed to participate in the course

Closing Date   : 5 January 2009 (Monday)

During the course, brief information on the inter-school competitions and the different types of grading syllabi will be also provided.

All club coaches are encouraged to attend the session.  The application form for the course is attached.  

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